About Us

It has been said that The Jolly Dutchman was once a post office and convenience store, placing Ocqueoc, MI on the map. After the establishment of Onaway, the Post Office was then relocated; and the old location was converted into the local watering hole.

For the last 40+ years, the bar has been rearranged and transformed into what is now known as The Jolly Dutchman.

In 2010, after some vists to this location, Christy Angner discovered that the owner was looking to sell the bar. Being a social butterfly, it would be proven that operating a bar was right up her alley; and since her children had moved out of state, she jumped at the opportunity to become a small business owner.

Today, The Jolly Dutchman is still a local favorite. Christy has dedicated her time and intelligence to both her customers and the business. If you're curious about the history of Ocqueoc, MI and The Jolly Dutchman; just ask the residents. You'll be impressed to hear the story of how The Jolly Dutchman came to be.